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Spine - Influence Beyond Its Boundary

Spine and Vision

PatientA 53 year old woman with a history of migraine fell downstairs, fracturing her right cheek bone. She was rushed to the hospital and surgical repair was performed. She stayed in the hospital, hoping that everything would go well. Three weeks after the accident, her vision in her left eye reduced to light perception. Nerve studies showed that the function of both optic nerves behind the eyes was diminished. Imaging showed that many parts of the brain had reduction of blood supply.

As the medical practitioner and the ophthalmologists did not indicate that her vision was likely to improve on medical therapy, she turned to a chiropractor for help. The chiropractor found exquisite tenderness under the skull and manipulated the patient, whilst monitoring the progress using visual field tests and electrophysiologic studies. At times, significant improvement in vision occurred immediately after spinal manipulation. In a course of 7 weeks involving 20 treatment sessions, her vision returned to normal (Stephens et al, 1999)!

  1. Stephens D, Pollard H, Bilton D et al. Bilateral simultaneous optic nerve dysfunction after periorbital trauma: recovery of vision in association with chiropractic spinal manipulation therapy. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1999 (Nov); 22 (9): 615–621